7 Elementary Independent Living Skills

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7 Elementary Independent Living Skills


A child begins to live independently from us the instance they cut the cord and take their very own first breath. From that moment forward we are responsible for guiding him/her to, live life to their highest potential. We are liable for teaching them how to navigate daily living for a sustainable and independent adult life.

The seven basic building blocks below, set the foundation for independence even if your child has developmental delays or a high-functioning disability; they still grow up and have abilities to live as independently as possible. Once your child knows the difference between the color white and dark colors, he’s ready for laundry duty! If your child is using an iPad, she can use a dust buster. As busy parents, don’t make the mistake of doing all the daily household chores on your own just because you can get it done quicker. Avoid the common sibling pitfalls of chore scoring and encourage independent skills while getting some help around the house, simply by implementing these simple seven tasks.

The Simple 7 Living Skills for Raising an Independent Child

Sort Laundry – It’s as easy and dropping whites in one basket.

Skills target – Color identification, sorting, organizing, focus and memory.

Match socks – This wonderful task identifies and reinforces size, color, pairing and family identification by matching & sorting clean socks

Skills target – Memory building, basic math, classifying & focus

Grocery List making – Your child knows what they like to eat. Have them open the refrigerator and cabinets to look for the item to determine if it needs to be bought.

Skills target – Preparation, organizing, basic budgeting, counting & planning

Unpack groceries – Place unbreakable bagged groceries on the kitchen floor and have the child sort items by refrigerator or pantry.

Skills addressed:  Classifying, sorting, organizing, fine & gross motor skills

Empty the dishwasher – Remove the cutlery caddy from dishwasher and have child match and sort utensils right into the drawer

Skills addressed: Sorting, organizing, focusing, memory & fine motor skills

Sort Recyclables – Yellow bin, blue bin, garbage bin. Glass, paper or just garbage these sorting skills are incorporate social consciousness for the environment.

Skills addressed – Classifying, sorting, organizing, recycling, concentration, environmental awareness

Dust Buster – Bright shiny red hand held mini vacuums, with easy to push buttons encourage interaction. Your child can now “suck up” their messy crushed cereal or pretzel droppings on the floor with a press of button and a back and forth motion.

Skills addressed: Fine and large motor skills, responsibility, independence

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