Elementary School

In August of 2006, we expanded our charter program to meet our families request for a continuum of educational services through 5th grade. The goal of our elementary program is to recognize the unique characteristics of children with autism spectrum disorder and other related disabilities and to apply a curriculum specifically designed to meet the individual needs of our students. The small teacher to student ratio together with teaching expertise in the field of autism will serve to best address each child’s strength and weaknesses. Instruction is delivered through one-to-one teaching, small groups and through community outings. Key components of our elementary program include high academic and behavioral expectations; dedicated and professionally competent staff; accountability to the student’s parents and the community through a continuous cycle of planning. Individual therapies including occupational, physical, speech/language, and behavioral interventions are all part of the daily classroom programming.Our elementary program currently has fifteen classrooms. For those students who require low-ratios in a small classroom setting, they may benefit from our intensive behavioral program. All of our classrooms participate in weekly sports and recreation as well as art, dance and music programming.

We have specialized classrooms in our elementary program for students with high functioning autism. These classrooms are designed for those students who have minimal behaviors and are performing no more than two grade levels below. Students in these classrooms can communicate and carry basic conversations, are independent in self-help skills and are able to work cooperatively in small groups.