The preschool program opened its doors in 1996 serving children with autism spectrum disorder from across Palm Beach County.

The foundation of the preschool program is the application of various therapies (applied behavior analysis, speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, family coaching and behavioral therapy) infused with innovative learning methods that include sensory integration, hands on learning, team collaboration, individualized instruction, achievement portfolios, and language based instruction. These various techniques are tailored to reflect the individual ways and rates in which children learn, as well as, clearly measuring the outcomes of each method. It is important to note that applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the main approach utilized in reaching our children both academically and behaviorally in our preschool program. ABA is a treatment out of California which is proven to have highly successful outcomes specifically for young children with autism and is being used in private and public schools throughout the world for over 25 years.

In educating students with autism, The Palm Beach Preschool for Autism follows two major approaches toward education; developmental and behavioral. Developmental approach assessments are used as guidelines to teach skills that are developmentally appropriate for the child and as it applies to the child’s individual educational plan. The behavioral approach of applied behavior analysis is used to teach IEP skills in small group settings and one on one instruction with documentation available through charting and graphing a minimum of once per week.

Our preschool program currently has four classes with one classroom designated as a high functioning program focusing on pre kindergarten skills. All of our classrooms participate in daily sports and recreation as well as weekly art, dance and sports programming.

Palm Beach School for Autism Preschool