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  • Our son started in the preschool in November & we couldn't be happier with the school. He is so happy every morning when we turn in, and his face lights up when he sees someone come to get him out of the car. The staff is caring and loving; we feel so thankful to have our little boy here. 2/24/17

    Heather W Fecebook
  • This is my son's first year here, 7th grade/12 years old and for the first time, we fit!!!! 10/18/17

    Heather W
  • My son absolutely loves PBSFA! Thank you for taking such great care of my son! 8/27/17

    Mi L
  • The staff is wonderful. I couldn't be happier with the curriculum and services they provide. Spectacular school. 7/21/17

    Edwin N.
  • Love this school. They are so good with my boys. Thank you to all that work there. 5/24/17

    Tina R.
  • My son is in his second year at this school and has enjoyed every moment. The staff and teachers are great! I am grateful for their love, compassion, patience and kindness. Especially his teacher Ms. Jessica. Such an amazing person! 4/26/17

    Nanuette B.
  • My twin sons are in the pre-k class here and I can't say enough good things! The staff is SO loving and committed to these kids, it chokes me up to see how far they go to ensure the children's success. The curriculum is therapy focused, but also very creative, fun and enriching. My kids LOVE it there - they would probably want to be there 24/7 if they had the option.  We are very grateful for this school  2/13/17

    Karen R.
  • We are so thankful, that our son is in the PBSFA! We came from Finland, and every day we feel so happy, that our dreams came true. 11/24/16

    Tuula K
  • This school is the best thing that has ever happened to my son Christopher. We moved here to Florida so our son could attend this school. Best parenting choice we have ever made. THANK YOU PBSFA for giving us all so much hope!!!!! 3/6/16

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