Elementary School Program

In August of 2006, we expanded our charter program to meet our families’ request for a continuum of educational services through 5th grade. The goal of our elementary program is to recognize the unique characteristics of children with autism spectrum disorder and to apply a curriculum designed to meet the individual needs of our students. Palm Beach School for Autism uses an evidence-based specialized curriculum for students with learning differences. Teachers provide one-to-one, small and whole group instruction. Our elementary program uses a multidisciplinary approach incorporating applied behavior analysis (ABA), speech/language therapy, and sensory strategies infused throughout the school day. We are a communication focused program using a total communication approach encouraging our students to express their wants, needs, and interests at every possible opportunity. Our dedicated teachers, staff, and therapists work in collaboration with our families and caregivers. The low teacher-student ratio and educator expertise in autism is beneficial in addressing each child’s strengths and needs.

We have specialized classrooms in our elementary program for students with high functioning autism/Aspergers. These classrooms are designed for students with minimal behavior needs and performing below grade level. These classrooms primarily use whole group instruction. In addition to our existing curriculum, we incorporate technology to support the unique needs of these students. Every elementary class takes part in physical education and music/movement classes each week.

AbbyElementary School Program