High School Program

About our High School Program

Our High School program’s primary goal is INDEPENDENCE!!!

We recognize increasing independence means different things for different students: For some, independence means obtaining a job and living independently. For others, independence means being able to complete daily activities such as bathing and preparing food without relying on someone else for assistance.

We provide a variety of supports for our students to meet this goal:

  •     Job skill training, both on and off site
  •     A focus on “soft skills” needed to function in a working environment
  •     Self-confidence
  •     Interpersonal communication
  •     Dress and appearance
  •     Goal setting
  •     Problem solving
  •     Self Advocacy
  •     Perspective-taking

Focus on Independent Living:

  •     Food/Meal Prep
  •     Functional leisure activities
  •     Scheduling and time-management
  •     Forming and maintaining social relationships

Our High School program has 10 classrooms with a capacity of 100 students, 3 therapy rooms for Speech and Occupational Therapy and a fully functional apartment, to be used for practicing the essential skills needed for independence: cooking and meal preparation, cleaning and organization, washing, folding, and sorting laundry.

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