About Our Preschool

The Preschool Program opened its doors in 1996 serving children with autism spectrum disorder and related disabilities. Palm Beach School for Autism Preschool Program implements an evidenced-based specialized curriculum developed for students with learning differences. We use hands-on and highly interactive activities to meet the various interests and needs of our students and incorporate technology in every classroom to assist with instruction. Our preschool program utilizes a multidisciplinary approach incorporating applied behavior analysis (ABA), speech/language therapy, and sensory strategies infused throughout the school day. We are a communication focused program using a total communication approach encouraging our students to express their wants, needs, and interests. While we are an ABA-based program, we deliver instruction through naturalized environment training as well as discrete trial training. IEP goals are taught through one-on-one instruction as well as small and whole group instruction. Data is collected and evaluated by each child’s team. In addition to our educational programming, all of our classrooms participate in recreational activities as well as weekly music and movement.

Palm Beach School for Autism services students ages 3-21 on the autism spectrum.  Our K-12 program accepts students with autism spectrum disorder listed as the primary eligibility on their current IEP. Our Preschool program accepts students as early as age 3, with autism spectrum disorder or related disabilities listed as the primary eligibility on their IEP.  Palm Beach School for Autism has a rolling enrollment that is based on program availability. Exceptions are made only in the event that students meet our enrollment criteria and meet one of the following additional criteria:

  • Students who are siblings of a student already enrolled in one of our programs

  • Students who are the children of a member of our governing board

  • Students who are the children of an employee